The Composite Group - Surf Canoes Made in New Zealand

Composite Surf Products is a dad and daughter experienced in composites technology.

Glen started in the Composites field managing Sonic Surf Craft, Kelly joined him spraying the designs on skis and boards.

In 2012 they purchased the Brainwave from Mike Mead and after some alterations started manufacturing the CSP TopCat.
Glen’s knowledge provides the quality and Kelly’s attention to detail adds the finish to their canoes.

TopCat canoes were paddled across the finish line in first place in both 2013 & 2014, we are proud to be part of the achievements of the competitors who race them.

In 2016 we designed and built the WildCat, it has proved to be a winner, out performing the TopCat.

The WildCats' new sleek design and style has refined the canoe to give a high performance in all conditions.

We offer as standard features on the WildCat:
Adjustable sliding footrests
Mono foot wells
Venturi Drain System

Talk to us about your requirements – from color choice to delivery, our aim is to provide you with the canoe to win on.


The Composite Group. 
Ph: (03) 384 9482